The LED Evolution!

Addressable LEDs are a low profile lighting solution that can be used for partying or productivity. Join Dr. D-Flo and his team as they demonstrate how to setup and program addressable LEDs for:

  • Lighting effects synced to music
  • Weather notifications
  • A light intensity alarm clock
  • A power hour timer
  • A color wheel drinking Game

As described in the overview video, Dr. D-Flo provides tutorials on two separate builds:

The Arduino Build

The Arduino build provides advanced lighting effects quickly (< 2 hours). This build comes with code that is ready to go. 

Robust J-Design Build

Unlike the Arduino build, the J-Design is scale-able, meaning it is capable of running thousands of LEDs without discoloration or electromagnetic interference. This build requires more time and the willingness to learn about surface mount technology and Python.