Nixie Tube Clock

Nixie tube clocks are timeless and classy. With a 30 year lifespan these clocks are a gift idea that will last. However, bare clocks (PCB + tubes) already cost $150, and unique cases can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Dr. D-Flo, Elise, and Jeff design unique cases for well under $50. Templates are provided to help you complete the project in a couple of hours, including antique/thrift shopping.


Safe and Programmable Addressable LEDs

Almost every college student has used LED strips to light up their alcohol collections or to provide lighting for parties. This project will show you how to create an LED system that will not only provide more immersive light shows but can also be used for light alarm clocks, visual weather, productivity timers and more nefariously, drinking games. The secret is individually addressable LEDs (ALEDs). This project will show you how to create a robust system of ALEDs controlled either through your computer or Arduino.


Bluetooth "Black" Box

Dr. D-Flo wanted to create a mysterious and tactile box for controlling his addressable LEDs. With 5 different types and a total 17 buttons, the black box provides endless commands for controlling Dr. D-Flo's main computer. This project will teach you the basics of bluetooth and Python.