The Epoxy Clock


A friendly DIY project...

Dr. D-Flo's projects are often expensive, but even worse they require tools that can add up to thousands of dollars. Well, not today! This is the first video in the new series known as Elise's easy projects. While some of these projects may not be easy nor cheap they will all use tools that are either included in the supply list or can be found around the house. The only exception is a soldering iron.

Did you know that electrical components work while in epoxy? Epoxy, in fact, is a better conductor of heat than air, so it may be a more favorable medium depending on application. It is not uncommon for epoxy to be used to waterproof electrical components. In addition to different thermal properties Epoxy affects light diffusion differently than air. The small bubbles in curing epoxy can scatter light creating cool effects that a camera cannot completely capture.



  • Epoxy Clock Code
    • Email Jeff if you have any questions about the code:
  • Adafruit Neopixel Library at GitHub
  • DS3231 Documentation


Famowood Epoxy - $29.17 - at Amazon

Silicone Cake Mold (9"x9") - $11.25 - at Amazon


40P Flat Ribbon Cable Connector- $7.11 - At Amazon

NeoPixel Diffused 8mm Through-Hole LED - 5 for $4.95 - At Adafruit

Adafruit Feather - $22.98 - at Amazon (There are definitely cheaper boards that can be used. However, the feather has a small form factor and can be serial monitored.

Adafruit DS3231 - $13.95 - at Adafruit