3D Food Printer

Dr. D-Flo wanted to 3D print edibles, but this is more difficult than you think! Clearly, you can't use a normal extruder, so Dr. D-Flo will use a syringe pump to excrete an edible frosting. The resolution of frosting is poor compared to PLA/ABS. Therefore, Dr. D-Flo wanted a large bed size, so he took an X-Carve frame and converted it into a 3D printer. However, the RAMPs Pololu stepper drivers are unable to supply enough current for the X-Carve's power hungry NEMA 23 stepper motors. Like always, Dr. D-Flo over engineered a solution by using SainSmart's 4.2A drivers to receive data from RAMPs and power the stepper motors. 

Syringe Pump

The main feature of the 3D food printer is the syringe pump. Commercial syringe pumps can cost thousands of dollars, so a cheap DIY solution was needed. 

The Frame

A common feature across most 3D printers is a small build area. In order to decorate cakes a large build area is needed. Dr. D-Flo converted an Inventables X-Carve into a frame capable of 3D printing. Click the link below to learn all the intricate details of the build.

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Frosting and Beyond

What else can be extruded by a syringe? Cement? Epoxy? Rubber?

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