Nixie tube clocks

It all started when...

Dr. D-Flo, Elise, and Jeff needed a classy gift for their fathers. They loved the aesthetics of the Nixie Tube Clocks, but these clocks were just too expensive. Nixie Tubes were the first digital readouts for computers in the 1960s, and they will run for 30 years if they are always on. After some browsing, they found an option to buy the clocks without the casing at a MUCH lower cost. They thought that with the help of Dr. D-Flo and his tools, they could make some really original and specialized casings for their Nixie Tube Clocks for their fathers. So they bought these awesome, authentic Nixie Tubes and set out to go antiquing to find the best and cheapest (under $50) casings for their clocks. Dr. D-Flo found an antique level made out of rich, quality wood. Elise found an antique cigar mold that has alluring architecture. Jeff found a rustic gold box portraying the Nixie Tubes as hidden treasure. Anyone can make casings for these clocks. You do not need Dr. D-Flo’s fancy tools to make these; you can simply two drill bits. Below is a list of the supplies you will need.

What do I need?

  • Nixie Tube PCB - Found here
  • 3/4th Inch Wood Spade Bit
  • 1/4th Inch Drill bit
  • Nixie Schematics - Found here and here
  • Print this template and drill - Found here

Check out the videos!

Dr. D-Flo, Elise, and Jeff have made videos to document the whole search and build process. In the following videos Dr. D-Flo and his team launch a competition to see who can make the cheapest and classiest design for a Nixie Tube Clock. In the three-part series, the team describes their competition by laying out the rules, combs through antique stores to find unique items, and then proceeds to design and engineer casings for these Nixie Tube Clocks. We hope you enjoy watching the competition and it gives you some great ideas for DIY gifts!

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