FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

By David Florian

Update (10/12/2017): Flexispot provided a coupon code to help soften the price! Use the code: IT4VRJ9M for 5% off.


The Flexispot standing desk frame is a modern and powerful frame capable of propelling loads up to 220 lbs to a comfortable height for working while standing. The black steel legs are strong and provide a robust frame that shakes very little under force. Small circular feet allow the desk to be level on uneven floors. With 2 feet of adjust-ability, the desk can automatically extend to heights between 28 and 48 inches. Three programmable buttons can be used to save heights for comfortable sitting and standing. The width of the desk can be manually adjusted to support desk tops that range from 46 to 70 inches in width. Two powerful DC motors located in the legs are responsible for the impressive lifting abilities.


The Flexispot works exactly as advertised. It is a desk that you can use while sitting or standing. The transitioning movements are smooth and quiet. Adjusting the height of this desk would not bother a colleague in close proximity. But why stand? Well, there are some health benefits from standing while working versus sitting found, here. However, a lot of these benefits are longterm and should be taken with a grain of salt. Personally, I found myself having more energy and a improved posture while working at my standing desk. 

The green led control panel turns off after a couple minutes from last use, saving power and preventing a distracting green light that would be in the corner of my eye. Personally, I love the understated black legs. Because the desk does not come with a top, you can decide if you want to continue the business look with a monotone topper or you can incorporate wood or a more exotic material for contrast. 


Because the desk frame works as expected the only real con is the price. $350 feels like a steep price for just a desk frame. Furthermore, the lack of storage also means that you would have to purchase drawers in addition to a top to have a full fledged desk. Some people may find the frame too industrial for use out in the open, which is why I see this desk as a staple for the workplace.  The desk also makes cable management tricky because cables running to a PC on the ground need slack for when the desk moves.


If you are a white collar worker spending hours and hours a day sitting behind a computer then I definitely recommend the Flexispot desk frame. There is even a chance you could convince your employer to purchase the desk if you touted the published health benefits and increased productivity. The desk gives you a little more control over your body in the workplace which is refreshing. In the home setting, the high cost and professional aesthetics may be hard to swallow