Syringe Pump


The lab was in need...

The lab Dr. D-Flo works in needed two syringe pumps for biological experiments. Commercial syringe pumps can cost upwards of $3,000! Dr. D-Flo built two of Naroom's open source syringe pumps for $200 each. While building Dr. D-Flo realized that these pumps could be used for a food 3D Printer. What exactly does that mean? Follow his youtube channel to find out!





Type 316 Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Rod M8 Thread, 1.25mm Pitch, 1 Meter Long - $14.72 - at McMaster-Carr

316 Stainless Steel Hex Nut, M8 X 1.25 mm Thread, Packs of 50 -$13.38 - at McMaster-Carr

Linear Motion Shaft, 8 mm Diameter, 400 mm Long - $12.12 - at McMaster-Carr

Ball Bearing

Fixed Alignment Linear Ball Bearing for 8 mm Shaft Diameter - $19.71 - at McMaster-Carr


 1" x 2" T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion x 18"- $8.97 - at Amazon


Socket Cap Screw and T-Nut (25 Pack) - $11.31 - at Amazon

5mmx8mm Motor Shaft Coupler - $3.35 - at Amazon 


Stepper Motor; 12 VDC; 9.6 W; 1.8 deg - $45.09 at Allied Electronics. Please note this is an extremely overpriced stepper motor but this is the one used in the video.  


Arduino Uno - $16.75 - at Amazon


Adafruit Motor Shield - $19.95 - at Amazon