David Florian a.k.a. Dr. D-Flo

David is a graduate of the engineering program at the University of Virginia. He has always loved designing and building his own creations as well as working with electronics. His love for woodworking grew when he launched his own company making customized magnetic bottle openers. He, however, wanted to expand his expertise to electronics and technology, and thought of building his own addressable LED system for his room. These two main projects have led him to explore other ideas for projects and create tutorials on this website that anyone can follow to make their own personalized version of his products.  

Jeffery Cui

Jeff is a grad of the computer science program at the University of Virginia. His deep and diverse understanding of coding languages makes him a key player in Dr. D-Flo's team. He is the mastermind behind the coding for the addressable LED project, especially when making the bluetooth black-box that controls the LEDs. His expertise in computer science is a crucial component of this team, but he is not limited in what he brings to the team. He also brings different design approaches to the table that neither David or Elise would think of and provides the team with comedic relief when deadlines rapidly approach.  



Elise Gray-Gaillard

Elise is another graduate of the University of Virginia's engineering program. While she is an engineering student, she has a creative side and loves painting and photography. She has supported David's woodworking and his other projects since the beginning and applies the epoxy finish and does any custom painting for the Florian's Bottle Openers business. Her steady hand and eye for perfection results in the exceptional quality that has made more and more people request custom paint jobs and the epoxy finish. In addition, her steady hands allow for precision in PCB component placing and therefore she has experience in surface-mount electronic design.