Hello! My name is David Florian (AKA Dr. D-Flo). I have created this website to supplement my YouTube videos and to bring together fellow DIYers to share ideas and problem solve with. Here you will find all the files and materials for the projects featured on my YouTube channel.

  • 3D Printer with Dual Independent Extruders (May 2019)

  • Pan, Tilt, and Camera Slider (June 2019)

  • The Garage Workshop Tour (July 2019)

  • Conductive Ink (August 2019)

As you can tell Dr. D-Flo is full of ideas. If any of these projects interests you hit the subscribe button below to be notified for the release of these projects. Have your own project idea? Suggest it on the forum.

Guides by Dr. D-Flo

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