LED Word Clock


Dr. D-Flo Loves LEDs

It was only a matter of time before Dr. D-Flo built another clock out of NeoPixel LEDs. He stumbled upon Adafruit's word clock project. While the concept was cool, Dr. D-Flo felt like the design lacked style. By nature a word clock is not practical, so it needs to look classy. Therefore, Dr. D-Flo decided to make his clock with an anodized aluminum face. He did not stop at one but ended up building 5 clocks! 


  • Mirrored Letter Matrix
    • Illustrator File
    • SVG File
    • Just Letters G-Code File
    • Light Cells G-Code File
    • Cutout for Electronics G-Code File
  • Copper LED Traces
  • Arduino Code


  • How to program Pro Trinket 5V - Here
  • Please note the BRD file has two through holes at every LED, but the G-Code does not. These through holes are meant for 0.1 uF capacitors because Adafruit recommends having a capacitor connecting 5V to ground before every LED to prevent signal distortion. However, due to the simplicity of the clock I found these unnecessary, but you can add them for extra security.  


Anodized Aluminum (12"x12"x0.025") 

$29.00 at Inventables


HDPE (12"x12"x0.75")

$14.90 at Inventables


Light Diffuser Film (.007"x8.5"x11")

$22.80 at Inventables


Copper PC Board Single Sided (12' x 12')

$15.11 at Amazon


NeoPixel 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip (100 pack)

$39.95 at Adafruit


Trinket - 5V 16MHz

$9.95 at Adafruit


DS3231 Precision RTC Breakout

$13.95 at Adafruit


CR1220 12mm Diameter - 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery

$0.95 at Adafruit


0.1uF 50V Low Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors (x50)

~$9.04 at Amazon


 Drill bit: 1 Flute, 0.2500" Cutting Diameter

$26.64 at Amazon

Drill bit: 1 Flute, 0.0625" Cutting Diameter

$26.70 at Amazon

Natural HDPE New.jpg