An introduction to a diet that restricts consumption for sustained energy.

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Are you doing busy correctly?

Three schedule-changing tips that will allow you to accomplish more and feel better.

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Meet Andi!

Andi Wojciechowski

At a young age of 25, Andi’s credentials are impressive. She is a scientist, teacher, philanthropist, athlete, and so much more. When Andi is not looking for the cure to malignant rhabdoid tumor (a rare pediatric cancer), she is tutoring low-income students, serving at church, and helping David with all of his crazy projects. How does she find the time?

Taking on a large DIY project is an emotional roller coaster. You will go through times of elation after meeting a milestone and times of despair when you can't understand how something works. Over the past two years, Andi has been my rock. She has helped me with my priorities, organization, and patience, which has allowed me to take on bigger projects without drowning in stress. She has offered to write down some her advice that has benefited me greatly. If you are struggling with a DIY project, school, work, or just feel overwhelemed then I strongly recommend reading through some of Andi’s articles found below.