What’s it like being a full-time scientist and part-time YouTuber? This blog chronicles my busy life, expensive hobbies, and pursuit to DIY everything. I hope you enjoy and learn from my experiences.

Dr. D-Flo
October 2, 2023

An entire summer to work on YouTube projects. Take a read of Dr. D-Flo’s thought process behind his latest mega guide: Mastering CNC Plasma Cutting. Read More

January 22, 2023

New degree, new job, new minor. 2022 was perhaps the busiest year of Dr. D-Flo’s life. Here is the recap and what D-Flo’s new job means for his YouTube channel. Read More

July 25, 2020

Metal has a feeling of permanence and stability that doesn't exist with plastic or wood. I am investing in my shop and channel by buying and DIYing metalworking tools. Read More

May 5, 2019

After overcoming work and stress, I am back with a new plan for working on projects and releasing new videos while avoiding burn out. Seperating work, play, and my youtube channel has worked miracles on my psyche. Read More

September 15, 2017

Moving is not easy. This is especially true when you are leaving close friends behind. I also have a lot of tools and gadgets, so relocating to Nashville, TN was not only an emotional but a physical challenge. Read More

May 20, 2017

People are actually watching my videos and subscribing! I was on cloud 9 until I realized that the new video that was driving this sudden channel growth contained a serious flaw. Read More

April 11, 2017

Is anyone there? Welcome to a slightly less edited version of me, Dr. D-Flo. I am looking forward to documenting this YouTube journey, all my projects, and my academic career. Read More