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What are Affiliate Links?

For you to be an educated shopper it’s important for you to understand what an affiliate link is and why a website like this one contains them. Many of the tools and materials that are required for Dr. D-Flo’s projects and guides are available from many different online vendors. If you are interested in a project then chances are you are going to click on that link and make a purchase. These online vendors understand that the more third parties link to their products the more they will sell. To incentivize other websites to link to their products, these vendors have what are called “affiliate programs” that provide a monetary kickback every time a clicked link on a third party website results in a sale.

Maybe you noticed that this website has no banner advertisements. We hate that form of advertisement as it disrupts the flow of content on a webpage, and most people use Ad Block extensions anyway. But Dr. D-Flo would prefer not to lose money month after month hosting this website, so in order to pay for the associated costs of running and maintaining this website we use affiliate links wherever it is convenient. By convenient we mean that if Dr. D-Flo used a part/tool that was originally purchased off a vendor that we are affiliate with then we will use an affiliate link. If a part comes from a website that we are not affiliated with, then we are not going to go out of our way to find the same product on a website that we are affiliated with. This way you are sure to get the parts that Dr. D-Flo used. There are of course exceptions to this rule, such as when one vendor runs out of a part.

For your information the websites we are affiliated with are:

The primary objective of this website is to act as an educational resource and not a source of profit. Just to put it into perspective we make a couple hundred dollars every month from affiliate links, which is a modest amount that pays the bills.