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There are two places to read projects and guides, either on the forum or on an article posted by the Dr. D-Flo team. While both sources of content are great, we like to think that the articles are more polished, organized, and maintained than the typical forum post. Further, this website is structured in such a way that articles are more visible than forum posts to new visitors. To draw attention to exceptional user-posted projects on the forums, we will work with the user to create an article for his/her project that will be added to Dr. D-Flo’s collection found on the main website. Therefore, the best way to become a contributor is to be active on the forums.


As the content continues to grow on this website it becomes more and more difficult to maintain and update existing webpages. Visitors are rightfully annoyed when links are broken in a project’s bill of materials or a guide recommends a product that is no longer available. We are always in need of content and link checkers. Maybe you are interested in playing a larger role in this website, such as converting forum posts to articles or working on the newsletter. We would love to have you, but please keep in mind that this is not a money-making enterprise, so all work must be pro bono.


A consultant is an expert that Dr. D-Flo can contact when he is planning a project or is in a pinch. A lot of the projects that Dr. D-Flo works on are outside his field of study. Pointing him in the right direction or offering insight can make a project go faster and smoother. What constitutes an expert? You don’t have to be a traditionally trained engineer to be a master of your field but it’s important to have real life experience. While many of the projects on this website are centered around electrical and mechanical engineering, other skillsets such as marketing and education are important for mass appeal and understanding of the projects. What does this role entail? Basically Dr. D-Flo would keep your contact info on a spreadsheet and send you an email if he has a question he thinks you can answer. It would also be helpful if you could share your expertise with other users on the forums.

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