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Tell your wife/girlfriend that purchasing beer by the keg is better for the environment! Kegs eliminate all can waste. But once you get your hands on all the beer that you can drink how will you keep it cold? Dr. D-Flo converts an old Jack Daniel's barrel into a classy kegerator, a perfect addition to the man cave. His kegerator is equipped with a CO2 tap for a true bar experience at your home.




10 Hours




# Part Name Vendor Part Number (SKU) Unit Quantity Link
1 Jack Daniel's Barrel Etsy N/A Barrel 1
2 Peltier Plates Amazon N/A Heatsink System 3
3 Beer Tap Towers Esty N/A Part 1
4 Laser Engraved Tap Handle Etsy N/A Part 1
5 Kegerator Conversion Kit Amazon N/A Part 1
6 Thermostat Amazon N/A Part 1

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  •   The easiest way to build a kegerator is to stick a pony keg into a mini fridge and then drill a hole in the top for the tap. This design is much cheaper and less time consuming than converting a barrel. I recommended reading this guide to see if this option suits your needs.
  •   If you choose to use Peltier plates instead of a typical heat pump for keeping the kegerator cool, then I recommended reading more about thermoelectric technology here. Please keep in mind that Peltier plates will move far less heat than a compressor so proper insulation is paramount.

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