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After a small hiatus, Dr. D-Flo returns with a stunning new desk. This custom design features waxed steel and carrara marble. This desk is serious business, weighing in at over 600 pounds (>270 Kg). A splash of red offsets the neutral colors of the design.


(Desk Only)


5 Hours




The steel frame was constructed by Modern Ironworks . I strongly recommend working with this ornamental metal business based out of Idaho. The marble slab was purchased from a local distributor. The nixie tube clock can be DIYed by checking out the Nixie Tube Project or can be purchased from PastIndicator on Etsy. All other products found on or around the desk are listed in the table below.

# Part Name Vendor Part Number (SKU) Unit Quantity Link
1 Acer Predator X34 - Curved 34" UltraWide Monitor Amazon N/A Monitor 1
2 Audioengine A5 - 150W Speakers Amazon N/A 2 Speakers 1
3 Audioengine S8 - 250W Subwoofer Amazon N/A Subwoofer 1
4 Audioengine D1 - Digital to Analogue Converter Amazon N/A DAC 1
5 V-MODA Crossfade M-100 - Over-Ear Headphone Amazon N/A Headphone 1
6 Elago H Stand - Headphone Stand Amazon N/A Stand 1
7 Steelcase Gesture - Chair Amazon N/A Chair 1
8 Corsair Crystal 570X - Computer Case Amazon N/A Case 1
9 Anne Pro 2 - Mechanical Keyboard Amazon N/A Keyboard 1
10 Logitech G703 - Wireless Mouse Amazon N/A Mouse 1

The BOM may contain Affiliate links links that provide monetary kickbacks to Dr. D-Flo. These funds are used to pay for this website and future projects.

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