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A syringe pump is a device that can accurately deliver small amounts of liquid. Syringe pumps are commonly used in hospitals for administering drugs intravenously and in labs for biological experiments. There are also interesting applications for a syringe pump at home, like automatic plant watering or 3D food printing. However, commercial 3D printers can cost upwards of $3,000! Instead of shelling out a couple of months of rent, Dr. D-Flo built two of Naroom’s open source syringe pumps for $200 each.




4 Hours




# Part Name Vendor Part Number (SKU) Unit Quantity Link
1 316 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod McMASTER-CARR 94185A160 M8 1m Steal Rod, 1.25mm Pitch 1
2 316 Stainless Steel Hex Nut McMASTER-CARR 94150A355 50 Pack - M8 1.25mm Thread Hex Nut 1
3 Carbon Steel Linear Motion Shaft McMASTER-CARR 6112K45 8mm Diameter, 400mm Long 1
4 Fixed Alignment Linear Ball Bearing McMASTER-CARR 61205K75 for 8mm Shaft Diameter 1
5 1x2x18" Aluminum Extrusion Amazon N/A T-slotted Extrusion 1
6 Socket Cap Screw and T-Nut Amazon N/A 25 Pack 1
7 5x8mm Motor Shaft Coupler Amazon N/A Part 1
8 NEMA17 Stepper Motor Amazon N/A Part 1
9 Arduino Uno Amazon N/A Part 1
10 Adafruit Motor Shield Amazon N/A Part 1

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