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Dr. D-Flo was lucky enough to receive a beta kit for Roboteurs' 3D printable 6-axis robotic arm, known as the RBX1. This is not a sponsored video because Dr. D-Flo payed for the kit, so he is not obligated to give Roboteur a good review. However, this is such an awesome project! If you are familiar with 3D printed robotics you may notice that RBX1 is a mirror image of BCN3D's MOVEO robotic arm. There are two major differences between the RBX1 and MOVEO. First, RBX1 has an extra axis located between the wrist and the gripper, and second, the stepper motors are powered by Roboteurs's SlushEngine. Furthermore, Roboteurs provides code that allows you teach the robotic arm movement with an xbox controller. This software greatly decreases the difficulty of this project.

Ideally, Dr. D-Flo will use the robotic arm for small component placement and as a third arm for soldering. But most likely Dr. D-Flo and Jeff will use it for small pointless tasks in the name of entertainment. The motors and electronics from the kit will be reused for a lot of different projects




30 Hours




# Part Name Vendor Part Number (SKU) Unit Quantity Link
1 6 Axis Robotic Arm Kit Roboteurs N/A Kit 1
2 Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display Amazon N/A Part 1
3 24V to 5V DC-DC- Converter Amazon N/A 5V 3A 15W 1
4 Mushroom Head Emergency Stop Amazon N/A 3 Pack 1
5 Aluminum Heatsink Amazon N/A 3 Pack 1
6 PET Expandable Braided Sleeving Amazon N/A 25 ft 1

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