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Expand the capabilities of your workshop or find a gift for your favorite DIYer with Dr. D-Flo’s tool of the month. These are all tools in Dr. D-Flo’s workshop that have been featured for their utility. Please note that affiliate links are present below.

Portable Bit and Ratchet Set

Portable Bit and Ratchet Set

March 2021

Wera’s compact kit means you will always be prepared when you are away from your shop. Hex drivers, screw bits, and Torx (T10-T40) are just the start of this extensive set. 7 metric sockets ranging from 5.5 to 13mm will do the trick for most of your ratcheting needs.

Heat-Set Insert Tips

Heat-Set Insert Tips

February 2021

Equip your soldering iron with these tips to sink threaded inserts into plastic parts. The ability to add M2, M3, M4, or M5 threads to 3D printed parts will greatly increase their functionality and compatability with a variety of fasteners. Check that the tips fit your iron.

Starrett Tap Wrenches

Starrett Tap Wrenches

January 2021

Unlike imported imposters, Starrett hand tap wrenches clamp down firmly on metric and SAE taps and do not loosen when tapping. Because these wrenches hold the taps straight and concentric, you only have to worry about your positioning.

Gear Puller

Gear Puller

December 2020

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remove a stuck bearing or pulley from a shaft. It’s not easy to grip a round pulley without damaging it or whatever is stuck on the other side. A gear puller is a specialized tool that always lets you win this tug-of-war match.

Makerlock Magnetic Sharpie Holder - tool of the month

MarkerLock Sharpie Holder

November 2020

Finally a device that allows for one-handed marker use! The magnetic base and capture plate allow the user to pluck a sharpie from this holder without its cap on. No more swearing when you forget to remove the cap after carefully aligning parts.

Magnetic Allen/Hex Key Bits - tool of the month

Magnetic Allen/Hex Key Bits

October 2020

Whether you are putting together some aluminum extrusion or just have a lot of bolts to fasten, save your wrist with these Allen/Hex bits. With a 1/4" shank, these bits will fit into most drills and electric screwdrivers. Packs come with standard SAE and Metric sizes.

Mini Hack Saw - tool of the month

Mini Hack Saw

September 2020

Cut through pipes, bolts, tabs, and just about anything else with this mini hack saw. The light aluminum handle is designed for one-handed operation, so that you can get into tight spaces and produce a flush cut. Pull this out of your tool bag when you are in a pinch.

Nut/bolt checker - tool of the month

Nut/Bolt Thread Checker

August 2020

Take any guesswork out of determining the thread size of metric and SAE bolts and nuts with these thread checkers. This kit comes separated into three separate strands: SAE (23 sizes), metric (21 sizes), and wheel lug/stud (8 sizes). Identify hard-to-find fasteners quickly!

Wiha Magnetizer and Demagnetizer - tool of the month

Wiha Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

July 2020

Does your fastener keep falling off your screwdriver as you try to screw it into a hard to reach hole? Pass your screwdriver through the magnetizer hole. Wallah! Your screwdriver is magnetic. Is your screwdriver attracting metallic dust? Pass it through the demagnetizer hole.

KAIWEETS Multimeter Leads Kit - tool of the month

KAIWEETS Multimeter Leads Kit

June 2020

Are you still using the leads that came with your multimeter? Upgrade your wiring and PCB testing with KAIWEETS Leads Kit. These 44" silicone-insulated leads feature three different connectors: the usual needle probes but also alligator clips and J-hooks.

Magnetic Cable Anchor - tool of the month

Magnetic Cable Anchor

May 2020

Wire management is already a tedious task. Don’t make it any longer than it needs to be by using these magnetic cable anchors. With 10 lbs of pull strength and swivel anchor point cables will stay where you position them, until you decide otherwise.

Wera Kompakt Screwdriver - tool of the month

Wera Kompakt Screwdriver

April 2020

Continuing the portable screwdriver theme, the Wera Kompakt is a full size multi-bit screwdriver that stashes its six bits (3 Philips + 3 slotted) in its handle. The screwdriver’s shaft is telescopic allowing it to expand to reach tight spots or can be removed for use with a drill.

Wiha micro screwdriver - tool of the month

Wiha Micro Bit Screwdriver

March 2020

Micro bit sets are commonly used to screw or unscrew the tiny fasteners that hold together electronics, like your smart phone. The Wiha 75093 is a portable set where the antistatic handle wears the 16 philips, slotted, and torx bits like a toolbelt.

Klein 11057 wire cutters/strippers- Tool of the Month

Klein Wire Stripper (20-30 AWG)

February 2020

Having trouble stripping the insulation off of small wires? Chances are you have the wrong tool for the job. Klein’s 11057 Wire Cutter/Stripper can remove the insulation of up to a 30 gauge (0.254 mm) wire. The comfort grips on these snippers make stripping sessions easier on the hands.

Wera Hex Keys - Tool of the Month

Wera Hex Keys (Metric)

January 2020

Always pick up the correct size Hex/Allen key. In Wera’s Multicolor L-Key set, each key features a unique bright color for easy identification. Wera’s patented geometry increases the contact surface between the tool and fastener, preventing notching and damage to the screw head.

Mini-Rubbermaid Trashcan - Tool of the Month

10-Gallon Brute Trash Can

December 2019

This 10 gallon can is a miniature version of the Rubbermaid Brutes that are found in factories, schools, and any place where resistance to chemicals and impacts is a must. It is light enough to wield in one hand but strong enough that it does not flex when fully loaded.

Affordable Digital USB Microscope - Tool of the Month

Digital Microscope (10-220X)

November 2019

Never squint at a PCB again. Koolertron digital microscope has a bright 4.3 inch LCD that allows for easy inspection of solder joints. This microscope is also a godsend for machinists, who need to identify dull or damaged end mills on the shop floor.

Soldering Helper/wire holder

Magnetic Soldering Helper

October 2019

Soldering two wires together requires at least four hands. This soldering helper has 5 flexible metal arms and 6 PCB standoffs with magnetic bases that can be independently placed on the powder coated steel base to hold wires in an infinite number of positions.