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This is Dr. D-Flo’s hottest project to date. Learn how a CNC frame can control a plasma torch for cutting parts out of metal.

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Best 3D Printers of 2020

Commerically available FFF 3D printers reviewed and ranked by price.

The newest tool in Dr. D-Flo’s garage is finally complete, the CNC mill! This machine can shape metal automatically and with ease. Learn everything about converting a manual mill to CNC.


OpenBuilds and Dr. D-Flo

OpenBuilds has been Dr. D-Flo’s go-to retailer for linear rails, carriages, and electrical components. Support this website by shopping at OpenBuilds with Dr. D-Flo’s affiliate link.

Life Advice

"Are you doing busy correctly?"

Whether it is self-inflicted work from a DIY project or homework from a class, life can become increasingly stressful as you take on more tasks. These lifestyle tips will keep your productivity high and stress levels low.

Building a 3D printer is an obtainable and fulfilling goal. In addition to the feeling of accomplishment, constructing your own 3D printer will save you money while allowing you to design around your specific needs.

Recent Blog Posts

July 25, 2019

2020: The Year of Metal

Metal has a feeling of permanence and stability that doesn't exist with plastic or wood. I am investing in my shop and channel by buying and DIYing metalworking tools.

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May 5, 2019

A Sustainable Lifestyle

After overcoming work and stress, I am back with a new plan for working on projects and releasing new videos while avoiding burn out. Seperating work, play, and my youtube channel is the key to my success.

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  Dr. D-Flo

David is an engineer with a passion for teaching. He created the Dr. D-Flo YouTube channel to share all of his projects and hopefully, inspire the next generation of DIYers.

  Senior Contributor

Andi is a cancer biologist by training, but she also offers a unique perspective on living life to the fullest. Her articles of Advice focus on the betterment of oneself.

  Media Specialist

Dani, a middle school teacher, understands the importance of visuals in the learning progress. As such, she coordinates the photographic experience of the Dr. D-Flo website.


Ellie is a nursing student and a socialite. When she is not studying for exams, she will use her social media prowess to disseminate our projects to the masses.