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Hello! My name is David Florian (AKA Dr. D-Flo) with the goal of creating a community of DIYers and technology enthusiasts to share ideas and problem solve with. This website contains all the files and supplies needed to build the projects featured on my YouTube channel. Crack open a beer, turn on your bladeless fan and watch the time go by with Dr. Flo every week on his channel.

Upcoming Projects:

  • The Electronics Desk (10/7)
  • Delta 3D Printer (10/21)
  • The Garage Build (11/11)
  • Conductive Ink (11/28)

As you can tell Dr. D-Flo is full of ideas. If any of these projects interests you hit the subscribe button below to be notified for the release of these projects.

Guides by Dr. D-Flo

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Current Project: The Standing Desk Build

Submit your workshop!

Workshop Wars is an opportunity to have your desk, makerspace, shop or even well organized garage featured on Dr. D-Flo's channel. In each episode the creator of the best setup will walk away with a $50 Amazon gift card. 

Business inquiries: dflo@drdflo.com

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