PLA Benchy in Multiple Colors
Figure 1: PLA comes in every color imaginable
Screw Terminal Connections
Figure 2: Placeholder


External Resources

There are a lot of different ways to successfully build a 3D printer, many of which are not covered on this website. If you want to learn more about firmwares, then click through some of the links below to external websites and forums.

Recommended Products

The table below contains parts specific to this section that Dr. D-Flo uses and recommends. Depending on your printer build these parts may or may not be compatible. It is best to use the products below as a launching point to explore similar products on the linked websites. Affiliate links may be present below (depending on the vendor).

Product Supplier Distributor Description Link
Silk Filament Amazon
PLA Silk Filament TTY3D Amazon High Gloss "Silk" Filament